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Nymph Backs

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Silicone is a great material. In contrast to vinyl and other plastic materials that many flytying products are made of today, the silicone is much more friendly to the environment. It is more flexible, lighter, retains the shape, stronger and softer, which makes the fish to not spit out the fly or tap the hook. We design all of our silicone products with the aim of producing the most natural, strongest and best-functioning products available.

We make all silicone products in Sweden. This gives us unmatched insight and opportunities for unique design during production. No other material on the market can perform as well, be made as detailed and realistic as these. Always focusing on sustainability, user friendliness and a realistic impression.
Realistic Nymph Backs comes in several varieties and sizes. Always customized to give your flies the correct proportions and appearance.

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