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Sold in the set of eight pens with a medium tip at one end and a finer, soft brush tip. The colors are handpicked to match J: Sons Match'N'Catch © system. All pens have interchangeable tips and can be replenished with new color when finished. It not only makes them the best possible product for the purpose, but also a smarter environmental choice. The paint easily attaches to foam, wing material and withstand rough conditions. They have an oval shape that makes them comfortable in your hand and makes it easier for you to dye the smallest flies or be dizzy on your hand. Used for J: Sons Foam and Vingmaterial.

A set of eight pens contains a pencil with two tips in the following colors:

Colorless Blender - "Transparent Color" used to dry out and matte to previously used color.
Warm Gray 04 - A lighter gray shade.
Warm Gray 06 - darker gray.
Sand 33 - sand colored.
Spanish Olive 97 - Dark olive green, which gives a lighter shade with Colorless Blender.
Walnut 59 - Dark reddish brown color, which is made brighter as desired with Colorless Blender.
Golden Yellow 17 - warm yellow color.
Cadmium Orange 07 - dark clear orange color.

Packing: 8 pcs. Per package.
We also have refill and lace
Material: Japanese Tusch.

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