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As with other products in our range, quality and performance have been the focus of design and production of our hooks. With natural insects as a starting point, we have developed a completely unique series of hooks for flytying, all of which are adapted to match realistic imitations of fish's food. This hook is exactly the same as we use in the production of J: Sons flies.

Each hook is tailor made and designed to give the right proportions when you tie your flies and the best cropping properties. Some key features beyond this are:

- Steel with Light Bronze Finish that gives a matte surface in dark gray tone that does not reflect light.
- Unique design that enhances performance and gives a natural look to your flies.
- Special hardening that causes the hook to not straighten or brake.
- The goods are customized in weight and thickness to give the right proportions and weight to each pattern.
- Extra large hook gap provides the best possible hooking properties.
- Straight hook eye gives the right balance to your flies.
- Extra large hook eye makes it easier to attach the fly to the tippet, especially on really small hooks.
- Micro barbs give better cropping properties and make it easier to release the fish.

All packages contain 24 hooks.

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