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We always depend on how the fish works, not the fly fisherman. In the end, it's not you who choose whether the fish should take, it's the fish itself. A natural impression from a fly that´s fishing correct increases your chances significantly.

J: Son's tools, materials, hooks and accessories for flytying have nothing to do with the chance. Every little detail, the smallest round of a winger burner, the gap of a hook, the density of the sheet with foam, everything is designed for one purpose. Precision, material knowledge, durability and quality are complimented by all products. Everything is designed by ourselves here in Sweden. Customized to J: s son Match'n'Catch system. You will quickly, easily and cheaply bind hundreds of effective imitations of what the fish really eats.

With natural insects as a starting point, it is important to think beyond the traditional and often ineffective flypatterns that still dominate the market today. Insects do not follow common hook sizes, measured in dimensions such as millimeters. This is our system adapted to - reality. The flytying system from J: son Match'n'Catch is easy to use. Wing burner M2 fits with wing material M2 - that's ow easy it is to follow the system and tie the world's best flies. But keep in mind that although you can see it all as a simple system to follow, we encourage you to use your own creativity. You can easily follow the completed descriptions in J: son Match'n'Catch, but you can also use parts and smart solutions within the system to create completely unique flies.