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Body Pins

Precision-made and custom-designed needles for the manufacture of extended foam bodies, including mayflies, emergers and nymphs. Easy to use and you easily adjust the thickness and length yourself. The well-crafted design and shape differ significantly from traditional needles that are often straight and provides to thick bodies. J: Son's pins allows you to tie the body directly to the pin. Once the body is ready-made, you can easily adjust how much you want it to bend by dragging or lining the thread.

Fits all types of tie pads and the four needles provided in the package make it easy to adjust the thickness and length of both the foam and the hook size.

Supplied with instructions.

Manufactured in Sweden.

Packaging: Contains 4 pcs - 1 psc Micro, 1 psc Small, 1 psc Medium and 1 psc Large.
Material: Custom made steel.

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